Cooperativa de Aceites San Juan

Cooperativa San Juan de Jaén is dedicated to the manufacture, packaging and sale of Aceite de oliva virgen of varying quality, all of them 100% oils Picual variety, characterized by its fruity, slightly bitter and spicy flavor with hints of verde-hierba, tomato, almond:

-          Aceite “Supremo”: olive oil from early days of harvest, from olives on optimum stage of ripeness. Intense green frutado fruity intense nose with aromas of the early olive. Perfect balance between bitterness and pungency, with harmonious and pleasant overall assessment.

-         Aceite de oliva virgen extra “Fuente Peña”: fruity on the nose and in the mouth, slightly bitter and spicy, color with a predominance of green tones

-          Aceite de oliva virgen “Fuente Peña”: softer taste, smell and somewhat less intense flavor with green color with hues more yellowish.

We ship your order from oil to any part of Spain and Europe.

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Cooperativa San Juán de Jaén

Since 1955

Association of olive farmers in the heart of capital of Jaén, since 1955. Tradition and know-how to produce our oil Extra Virgin and Virgin olive "Source rock", which brings together in its juice the fruit from young and old olive groves, mountains and countryside, making a balance of the virtues of the Picual variety of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency that define the variety picual from Jaen.